Visualising the whole project through is really important to us. Generally, we’ll offer you a range of concepts based on your vision and approach of the final product.  As part of this concept development phase, multiple ideas are considered, but often half the ideas never make it much past being an idea. Often we’ll mock-up a design ‘insitu’ – whether that be a logo on a business card , or a t-shirt or even packaging and signage. This, we believe, really helps visualise how your design will work in the real world.


These images on this page are just that.  Some have made it into production, and some are just a stepping stone to realising a projects full potential.


Let us explore your ideas with you.

  1. Mocked up concept Cans – Walcha Brewing Company (early concept stage)
  2. Concept character illustrations – Pal Pedigree – only the sausage dog and leaping cattledog, made it into the final artwork.
  3. Concept Logos – Hayley Durack Photography (Logo 8 chosen)
  4. Concept Logos – Fork and Fallow (early concept stage)
  5. Mocked up concept, Logo and Packaging – 35º South (early concept stage)