Our history and experience go back to pre-digital times. 

Pens, pencils and brushes when in comes to graphic design.  Shooting and developing black and white film on SLRs, super 8 home movies Setting up computer networks when cables were thicker than a garden hose.  Software development when a 500mb hard disk needed a truck and you had a choice of bright or dim green for your text. When you had the choice of tape or cassette for multitrack recording.


Alternation is a multidisciplinary design house, with over 25 years experience, we specialise in brand, design, digital communication, technology, web, internet and software design.

Michael brings creative and technology together. With 30 years experience in software and database development, Michael transports brands to a new place. He’s a specialist in problem solving and a master in user experience. When it comes to tech, there really is nothing he can’t do.

Kate brings buckets loads of creativity and experience together with Michael to make them a formidable force. With over 30 years experience in graphic design, Kate also transports brands to a new level. As well as an illustrator, more recently she has taken up painting again with her art in high demand.