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New Kids Book

Last year, Kate teamed up with with local writer John Heffernan to illustrate the ancient tale of Gilgamesh. Like the story, it was a  epic production! The book comprised of 2 stories. The first was about Gilgamesh and his fiery relationship with his brother. The second, sees the two brothers take on a terrible beast that was terrorising the countryside. It didn’t end well for the beast!

The illustrations (in the book) were based on the striking relief sculptures, and incredible art of Mesopotamia (now Syria, Iran and Iraq). Particularly in the first story, Kate directly referenced existing ancient sculptures, and emulated the same style when an existing image was not available. The second story – a little different – combined the relief sculpture style, but added more graphic ‘comic’ style too. A linking device between these two tales is a ‘flat linear style’, in keeping with the art of this period.

As for the colours, early on it had been suggested that the book should be very colourful, heavy in the prussian blues, red’s and gold’s of ancient Mesopotamia. Wanting to achieve this with a modern twist, Kate felt the unpredictability of the splashed watercolour, was a nice juxoposition, and added drama to the ridged clean lines of the ink pen.

Kate was also responsible for all the page layout and print ready art.

So far the book has received loads of positive reviews! looking forward to seeing how far it will go!

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