ALTERNATION | Flowers on Tedder
ALTERNATION | Flowers on Tedder
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Flowers on Tedder

We were approached (through word of mouth), by a client was opening a new florist shop on the Gold Coast.

As we were on board from the start, early development of a concept lead to a logo being developed – which then in turn, lead onto a whole range of marketing material, signage and basic website. Fortunately, our client had a clear direction of how they wanted things to look – so it was really just a case of implementing what they had in mind – and making their visions a reality.

As their business has grown, so to has peripheral marketing material – we now have designed, flyers, business cards, flower cards, stickers, more signage and a website that now includes woo-commerce. More recently we have designed a range of flyers promoting a  collection of workshops the shop will host later this year.

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